Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hayden in Copenhagen - Elk-Lake Serenade

Besides being the most depressive time of year, this november is a crazy good month for concerts in downtown Copenhagen. So far I have by far exceeded my monthly limit having added so brilliant artists as Ryan Adams, Okkervil River, The New Pornographers, Arcade Fire and The National to my concertlist. AND considering Animal Collective.
I know that The National is a great band live, so what I'm really interessted in here is the warm-up. The canadian musician Hayden Desser is that man and he is so compelling that I'd almost wish he would put on his own concert. Or at least play for more than an hour.

In 2004 he released Elk-Lake Serenade which is his best album to date. And it is beautiful, small but large. Hayden loves detuned guitars, his lyrics are clever and has a certain talent for building some very intimate acoustic landscapes. The music is mellow with subtle strings and handclaps and has this lazy late-night feel to it. His voice and his way of vary the simplicity makes it feel really really good in your ears.

Hayden is combining elements of both rock and folk music and has a voice that is able to channel both the falsetto highs of Neil Young and the wavering raspy low tones of Leonard Cohen.
Hayden has his own recordlabel Hardwood Records and a new album is in the making, due for release in 2008.

Remember to check him out and make friends with him on his MySpace profile. He has only 192 friends due to a servercrash!

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    Chris said...

    Yes, totally agree! Get yourself on Hayden's friend list on Myspace. His opening sets for The National will be the debut of new album material that has been four years in the making.