Thursday, January 17, 2008

New song from Sun Kil Moon

One of my absolute favorite singer-songwriters is Mark Kozelek. He has released breathtakingly beautiful and melancolic music for the past 15 years. Whether he has used his own name, Red House Painters or now Sun Kil Moon (appearently named after a Korean boxer) the quality has always been top-notch.

Kozelek's voice is world class and his usually simple arrangements on his blue acoustic guitar cuts right into the core of the songs - his own or in stunning covers of e.g. AC/DC (sic!) -with gorgeous results.
April will bring a new Sun Kil Moon release fittingly called 'April'. The reports have revealed that no other than Bonnie 'Prince' Billy joins in a couple of tracks. Very prmising, indeed!!
Do not miss the great first taster 'Moorestown' from the album.

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