Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Hot Chip bag and some selfmade rumours

Week is already busy and my mind is still on monday. But it's tuesday. And it's busy. And soon it's wedensday and suddenly our life is over. Or wait, it's soon weekend.

To slow us all a bit down, drowse and relax, I've - for once - tried to be on time with a new release. Hot Chip is soon out with a new spinner on DFA/Astralwerks. It's called Made in the Dark.

I'm looking quite forward to hear what the electro-soul of the new Hot Chip album will bring us this time. Since The Warning they've been busy in my iPod and even though I love Coming on Strong as well, the style and momentum found on The Warning is the style I want from these dudes. The laidback attitude carefully designed for those crosscountry busrides, your headphones and the dark spots on the dancefloor.

So far my ears tell me the new album will mix the two poles between the kitchy and yet affecting lyrics and of course have both the deeper quirky ambient sound and the groove to get your head nodding.

My ears also tell my that these guys will join Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Van Halen and The Decemberists this year at the Roskilde Festival. Just guessing, but I'll bet ya!

  • Hot Chip - Made in the dark
  • Hot Chip - In the Privacy of Our Love

  • Over and Over (From The Warning)

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    i'm so pumped about this album. good review. ours is here kscl