Monday, January 14, 2008

Spacy Twins

Ok, I admit this post is more than a bit unusual. Yes, Its downright strange. Normally, I certainly don't care much for tv shows like 'American Idol' but I must confess I saw the Danish version, X Factor, this Friday. And I don't regret it because of one single, extremely strange experience.

Enter two - well, lets just say odd - twins in identical clothes looking completely baffled and behaving weird. But then they start to sing and... well, I'm speechless. Its not great in a trational way but not bad either. It defies description, really. I think this will devide our readers but you can't be unaffected by this machine-like high-pitched duet. Very monotone yet cool - or..? I really can't describe it better than the judge Thomas Blachman who was absolutely nuts about it. "This is not the new thing. This is never than that" & "You remind us that we in the end are nothing but aliens hanging in outer space without a clue of anything", he said in awe.

Judge for yourself. I'm sure that the twins won't go far in the contest - they are simply too weird. And I can go back to not caring for the show...

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