Saturday, February 02, 2008

Helsinki is the new Seattle - about complaints choirs

I never heard about complaints choirs until the other day. And they are just priceless!

Those complaints choirs are formed to give voice to the complaints of a community. One of the best ones around the globe - these choirs are everywhere! - is the complainers from Helsinki. They are griping about everything from ready-to-assemble furniture, boring dreams, sauna etiquette, icehockey loses to sweden and ringtones in public.

This concept is very interesting in several ways. This is really social networking in it's finest hour. Bring together some angry consumers, start a choir and add some tunes and you've created a music mashup piece. This concept is grown in the underground, but recently BBC started something similar, taking somewhat credit for the idea, which really can't surprise any since public service concepts these days are pure stolen material. So pay your respect to the inventor, finnish artist Tellervo Kalleinen.

The BBC's Complaints Choir on "The One Show"
Jerusalem Complaints Choir

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