Monday, February 04, 2008

Aural bliss from The Superimposers

Of course it's possible to come from the countryside and still be mighty in a very laidback kind of way. The Superimposers is that kind of duo and I just learned about them on one of my favorite BBC-programmes - The Joy of Music with Sean Rowley. Now I'm pretty much mellowed down in the basement by these two guys.

The duo is Dan Warden and Miles Copeland and they are releasing the album 'Harpsichord treacle' in a few days time.
The duo plunder the sunshine pop of the 1960's but also finds that showers and shadows is a part of the weathersystem.
Altogether the mix is very laidback - dj-style - mellow and surfish. The kind of tunes you'd like in your ears on a summerbreeze while on the beach.
The Superimnposers mixes different genres and to me this aural montage, or whatever you'll call it, draws back a lot on some of the nuggets from the 60's. It has Brian Wilson, Gene Clark, but also some Spritulized and stuff like that to it.
What I really like about this stuff is that it's so full of warmth and lush symphonic production that you can't help being pleased. Also the vintage instrumentation is spot on. I think these guys deserves more press, so I can't really recommend them enough. In their genre they rock.

The release is on their own brandnew label Wonderfulsound.

  • The Superimposers - Golden

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