Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mesmerizing guitar rock from Maserati

Fuck vocals!

When listening to Maseratis new album Inventions For The New Season you'll pretty quick notice that words just are so passé. With no words but hell of a load of noise Maserati put a delirious jam mix of 70's psych-rock, kraut-rock, beatheavy soundscapes together leaving the inside of your head spinning as being in a beautiful haze. It builds and builds and the post-rock sound is pushed up in the red like nothing else.

Maserati features members of !!!, LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean, and Turning Machine. The band are out of Athens, Georgia, which has been a hotbed for bands that are not what bands are most for more than a decade. This band continues this tradition.

Well, you just have to listen for yourself. Maserati - signed at Temporary Residence - is highly innovative in their way of adapting the sounds from the past. The mix is psychedelic rock, with a good healthy dose of Pink Floyd, Can and Neu and the drummer and dynamo Jerry Fuchs is just f****** brilliant. The tracks features a heavy load of cymbal build-ups, mixed with ethereal churning guitars layering the whole thing as a soundscape which is hard to leave. Maserati calls it "Pink Floyd for hipsters" and "stoner rock for the working man."

A Maserati might be one hell of a hip car and next time I meet one, I'll think of this sleek experimental band burning just as many horsepowers. It's awesome.

  • Maserati - The World Outside
  • Maserati - Towers were Wires

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