Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reyes de Roskilde #1! Yeasayer!

Indielaundry had some saturday night. Spend four hours queuing from 0200 to 0600 a.m moving about 400 meter just to enter the festival and put up our campsite. It sure put some preasure on our tired legs and bladders!

As always we are thrilled beyond words about this venue, but due to work we had to use diplomacy with our new neighbours (icelandic girls with Opal, guys with huge soundsystems and quiet swedish dudes) so that they would protect our camp. I think we managed.

We'll try to inform our readers with news from camp and festival. But as always we are pretty unstable at this festival, so bear with us!

A must see is Yeasayer, perfect timed to play 01 in a small tent. It'll be bliss!


Christian Korsager said...

Sounds good - I guess I see you there then! Cheers!

elzplz said...

fuck yes! yeasayer are so awesome<3
my friend became obsessed after i dragged her along to their concert at roskilde :)