Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dislike is a good thing - The Scottish Enlightenment and Pascal EP

Being at the edge of dislike can be a good thing. Especially if it's music this scepticism is provoked by. Because if so, you're are bound to listen to it again and again, over and over, until you reach some kind of clarity of this "dislike" (or at least I am). During the session of repeated listening, the good parts are due to take over if they really prevails the bad and instead reveals the qualities of the music. Over the last few days The Scottish Enlightenment have had their turn in my dislike-session, but are now turning me around towards the positive. As the second song of the Pascal EP proclaims (with another perspective): If you would just try a bit harder. I've done - and do - and my likening is on the rise. But so it often is when the starting point is an underplayed lo-fi-ish slow-core (for me anyway). But take a judge for yourself - which I recommend you do.

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