Thursday, May 13, 2010

Castanets - "Texas rose, the thaw, the beasts" dripping from my speakers

"Texas rose, the thaw, the beasts" by Castanets is just amazingly lovely. Castanets (aka Raymond Raposa) plays his music like a folk musician being evaporated into the future on the back of nostalgia, riding the possibilities in all its glory and downfall with his pockets filled with natures and cultures stimulants. I know that labeling music with meaningful tags is notoriously difficult, but some would name his music freak folk or New weird America. That actually doesn't give him enough credit. So instead think of the possibility that Pink Floyd, Vic Chesnutt and Bonnie Prince Billy is over for dinner at Portisheads - with the Geto Boys looming in the distant attic - then you might hear, dripping from the window, a vertiginious folk-hopping psychedelic space-rock. Until that happens just load "Texas rose, the thaw, the beasts", and let it drip from your speakers.

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