Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The National - video Bloodbuzz Ohio and Apartement Story

We wrote about The National on this very page more than 3 years ago. We have to do it again because their new album High Violet is highly recommendable. As well as boxer was one of the absolutely best albums of 2007 High Violet is the most anticipated album of 2010.

As Pitchfork puts it: Six drinks in, tired of your coworkers, wishing you could just go home and laugh at sitcoms with someone? Maybe get laid? The National's got your back.

People are going to be saying this a lot about High Violet, but the record really is sounding more and more like the perfect balance between the anthemic moments on Alligator and the more pensive Boxer. Personally we had to awesome experience with this band, live @Amager Bio and Roskilde 2007. Again this year they will be at Roskilde Festival.

Today they released the video for the first single off the album. It's Bloodbuzz Ohio with the magnificent chorus ("I still owe money/ To the money/ To the money I owe") where Matt Berninger addresses the familiar, harrowing financial burdens of adulthood.

Also listen to Bryan Devendorf's drumming - it's absolutely some of the best stuff around right now.

I've also put the video for Apartment Story here. It's one of their very finest indeed.

Link containing lots of The National goodies - click

Bloodbuzz Ohio

The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio" (official video)

Apartement story

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