Saturday, June 17, 2006


My mind can't help being dragged further and further into Roskilde Festival mode. It's less than two weeks away and I am sniffing around the band list for any new acts to check out (pretty stupid as my concert schedule is more than full-booked as it is...).

Anyway, I have heard some whispers of the aussie-band Wolfmother, so I went to their MySpace-site and... simply loved it from the first minute!! If there was a High School of Lep Zep, AC/DC, Doors, Jimi Hendrix style Rock, then these three chaps would be A+ students - the first of their kind since Jack White.

Their brand new self-titled debut album has staggering guitar riffs to burn, and even the odd bongo drum. These guys made my day but have dealt me with a Roskilde problem: Artic Monkeys or Wolfmother?? I'll put my money on the aussies.

Oh, right... Let's hear the stuff:

And see some as well:
White Unicorn

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