Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Al Green Talking Heads - Take me to the river

The Sun is so hot and I need cleansing, salvation, cold beers and seductive singles. Digging for that, I found the smooth reverend Al Green.
His single 'Take me to the river' from 1974's album Al Green Explores Your Mind really do it for me today. This single is stylish, has funky horns all over it and a funky groove.
The rhythm section is the slick guys from Hi Records putting their skin-tight feel to it. Nearly too perfect!

Check also the single version of the track as it was done by Talking Heads on More Songs About Buildings and Food. 'Take me to the river' pushed that album to gold-record status.
The track is very slow and cool performed and it puts me in a limbo: which is the best?

Al Green - Take me to the river (mp3)
Talking Heads - Take me to the river (mp3)

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