Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spot spotlight

This years festival for upcomming Scandinavian music is over, and was as usual a great experience, All in all I think this years festival missed out the big surprises or the new Raveonettes. But maybe I just missed them in my choice of concerts. Here is a top five of the concerts I saw.

1. Under Byen - I never really found the magic in Under Byen before yesterday. But boy a great concert on the big biggest scene at the festival. Brilliant sound, great visuals and truely original.
2. Mugison - My first time with Mugison was fun and interesting in his mix of blues, rock and electronica. Also very original stuff.
3. Dicte and The Sugarbones - Not especially original, but super hot, perfectly performed and good clean rock'n'roll by Denmarks hottest rock-singer.
4. Thomas Butterschön - What a fellow. This chubby teenager really convinced all his audience with self-ironical songs about his life. Good fun and good songs. Looking forward to follow this kid.
5. Larsen and Furious Jane - Got great reviews for their two records and plays melodiacal country-rock. Unfortunately many facets drowned in bad sound.

Spot is a perfect place to shop around from concert to concert. See you again next year!

Reviews of all the concerts here.

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