Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I heart Roskilde

One word about Roskilde Festival: Awesome! Brilliant!
Even though I didn't have a media-access ticket and had to spend five days and nights in a pigsty with people, who were dirty, acted obscene and in general drank cases of beers, it was absolutly just pure entertainment and anarchy in one big mix. Only problem - it's harder than ever returning to what people describes as reality.
This years festival is one of the absolut best, I've been to - eight Roskilde Festivals so far. Indie-buddy Mogens asked me earlier today why the hell mall Frederiksberg Centeret doesn't have a Gringo Bar, and it sucks. We miss it as our grandmothers gravy.
One thing I don't miss though is the reviews in festival paper from MetroXpress, which were sold (!). The reviews were done by a danish musicmagazine called Soundvenue. Even when I was pissdrunk I hated the language. So poorly written.

Well. I heart Roskilde. I miss the concerts I didn't go to, the one's who got me by the balls (Two Gallants, Raconteurs, Wolfmother, Roger Waters, Tool, DeUS, Figurines etc... ), the shitty food, the long nights raving around speaking to wacky chicks and all the beautiful sunshine, crazy people and festival officials. Bless.

Wolfmother - Mother (mp3)

Mobilmarathon.dk (pix)


Anonymous said...

No media-access ticket! you´re such a girl!

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's terrible...

Martin said...

You are so right about the Soundvenue stuff. That was truly just garbage.

One thing I don't miss about roskilde though is the Urin dust...