Monday, July 10, 2006

Mixtape: The Trip - Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey

Two cd-compilation The Trip from Family Recordings suddenly fell into my hand. I almost dropped it. There's so much different stuff from the archives going on here, compiled by Pulp-people Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey, that it almost drowns you. There is shit - David Essex, Neil Sedaka for instance!, but overall this compilation is top ace.
It's a really folksy, countrified, rockabilly and tenderhearted curation about people, relationships and how lovers slip away, meet up and slips away and meet up and... It's quite compelling and I'm quite happy to the fact that Cocker and Mackey has put this soundtrack of life's little wonders and terrors together. Some of my favorites:

Bonnie Dobson - Winter's Going (mp3)

Dory Previn - The Lady With the Braid (mp3)
Moondog - Pastoral (mp3)
Dion covers Purple Haze in a easylistening way (mp3)!

Buy the compilation here: here

For more Jarvis Cocker news, tjeck his MySpace, where he has a new song and some news he wants to share...

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