Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Knife - Tretemoller remix and Marble dance electro

Producer and electrified dj Anders Trentemöller have done some pretty good twists to the new single 'We Share Our Mothers Health" from electropop duo The Knife. That whole album is quite fantastic with björkish vocals, distorted synth and spaceyness.
The Knife are the sibling duo that penned the song "Heartbeats" that their good friend Jose Gonzalez have had massive success with. Their new album is overwhelming but rewarding as a pumping live dj-set with people behind the decks reinventing the sometimes sterile and stereotypically elements of electro music. Knife are putting new tunes and intelligencia into dance music.
Don't be square - try it out! It's much deeper than it sounds and will do good in any musicloving heart.

The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health, Trentemoller-remix(mp3)

The Knife - Marble House (mp3)

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