Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jimmy Tamborello aka James Figurine aka Dntel aka half the Postal Service

You might know him from The Postal Service, but maybe also as James Figurine? Well, his name is Jimmy Tamborello!
Yesterday he released Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake as James Figurine.
Tamborello, who also does electropop as Dntel, (newly signed at Seatlle label Sub Pop.
Tamborello has made an album more filled with minimalist techno and slightly more club-oriented compositions than he's done before. So the blend is not in favor of lowkey guitar-indie this time, but more laidback steelcold synth electro.
He says, he is influenced greatly by German label Kompakt. The result is quite layered with a techno'ish feel and full of no vocals and beeps and drones. It's a bit more diverse and unfocused than I hoped for, but the effort is - so far I've come in the listening - really nice and worth the try.
There's a cold feel to the synth, and in moments its really poppy. For example in All the way to China, which has my favorite guy Erlend Oye on it. Jenny Lewis, who must be the artist Most Likely to Guest on Any Album - is also on the tracks with sighs and coos.
While the album is good, we're looking forward to his new debut for Sub Pop label, which is said will include cameos from Conor Oberst, Grizzly Bear, Mia Doi Todd, Jenny Lewis, and all your favorite indie rock all stars.
Buy the Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake here.

James Figurine - All the way to China (w/ Erlend Oye) (mp3)

James Figurine - 55566688833 (mp3)
James Figurine - You Again (w/ Jenny Lewis)
The Postal Service - Against All Odd (mp3)


Anonymous said...

Do you mean SUB POP doofus?

Queen of Sheba said...

Oho, I did not know Jimmy T was also James F; I like his other incarnations so I'll have to check it out.