Sunday, October 29, 2006

Midlake live at Loppen

The more you spin Midlake the more you love this band. Tomorrow they play live in Copenhagen at the cozy little venue, Loppen and Indie Laundry will be there.

Earlier this year they played a warm up-concert for Flaming Lips in Tivoli, and we weren't really convinced that this texan band brought anything new to the tradition of Neil Young, but we were mistaken.

Midlake plays strange mid-seventies american rock and deals with old-skool subjects like hunting, building houses etc and thereby put themselves in the same nostalgic tradition as many bands before them.
What we came to like about “The Trials of Van Occupanther” was the dreamy and lyricaly world of Tim Smith and the melancholy melodi-line of the band. It's nostalgic, altmodisch and very catching and has a lot of quality to it. So if you're in Copenhagen buy a ticket - it's not sold out

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