Sunday, October 15, 2006

One bit of Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins... and 36 times Ryan Adams

The sweet country-rocking Jenny Lewis and her Watson Twins has made a new ture, called Fernando. It may not be up to the standard of the very best of her work but still enjoyable, I think.

If you are in a more aggressive - or just plain stupid - mood, turn to Ryan Adams and his 36 brand new ultra short, ultra weird, pure punk songs. First old skool rap, now he turns back to his old love for punkrock. You may not love it all (probably not), but he sure ain't boring... As far as I know, there are no official names for the songs but I found this attempt to name them. I guess it speaks for itself...

Chuck Norris/Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin/Country Robot Criminals/Liver Of My Own/Damn Dog/Rats (Oh Crap)/Sex on Beaches/I Miss Patches/The Drug Deal/Land of Unicorns & Candy/Sometimes.../Snoop Doggy Dog/Unicorns For Sale/Grim Reaper's Sandwich Shop/Monster Mash Incorporated (Fuck Abe Lincoln)/Drank An Entire Bottle of Medicine/Hey Punk/Judy Just Called, She's Pissed/Hulk Hogan/What The Fuck/When The Shit Hits The Floor/Drinking Hard (Oh Shit)/Dear Burger King/We're A Wreck/Lord, I Drink Too Much/Call Me Back Mary Anne/I Passed Out (Again)/Drunk As Hell (Again)/Forest Ranger Of The Year/Breaking Into Houses (Just To Look)/Drunk & In Jail/Don't You Do It/You're Dead & I'm Alone/I Ain't Got Money/Just Got Outta Jail (Where's The Party?)/Drunk As A Pile of Fuck.

By the way, Indie Laundy was well represented at the master's gig in Copenhagen this tuesday. Let me just say this: Pure genius!

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justin said...

Not to sound like a dick-but could you please not link directly to the mp3. A link to our site would be better. thanks