Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday's News: Sufjan Stevens and Beck

Indie Laundry-bro, Kristoffer, and I managed to get our hands on two tickets for the upcoming, and otherwise sold-out, Sufjan Stevens concert at Vega , Copenhagen in November.

To celebrate that, here is a video clip of him performing a brand new song called 'Majesty Snowbird'. If this is anything to go by, I believe we are in for a very special treat. Melodically ultra strong tunes combined with ever surprising arrangements. Can't be bad...

Meanwhile, today saw the release of the new Beck album as well. It's called "The Information" and you can enjoy the whole package
here. I have only given it a single virtual spin so far but several tracks ('Cellphone's Dead', the Stones'ish 'Strange Apparition', the dark 'Dark Star', 'No Complaints' and 'Movie Theme') really stood out for me upon first listen.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, love the blog. Pretty entertaining, right down to "La Macarena" on Ben Folds cell phone.

Anyway, a friend and I are in Europe for work for about a year (we are Americans) and have been jonesing for some Sufjan. We have both bought tickets to Copenhagen over the weekend of the Sufjan show, and were wondering what are chances were of getting any tickets, and maybe who to get in touch with about getting tickets secured earlier than going to the show and hoping to buy some.

Thanks for any help y'all can provide.