Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cover theme: The Decemberists doing Björk

Our good collegues at Docopenhagen seem to have been inspired by yesterday's post concerning the Coldplay cover. They offer another cover that - to my opinion - far surpasses the original. Curious? Then click here.

Such high quality coversongs are very seldom but equally rewarding. I stumbled over this version of Björk's 'Human Behavior' by the fabolous The Decemberists the other day. I don't know whether it's actually better than the original because that is also pretty darn good but I really love this acoustic take. Turn it up, wait for the piano theme that kicks in at appr. 2:06 and tell me if that doesn't make your spine go bananarama.

  • The Decemberists - Human Behavorior

    Jeff said...

    I agree, this is a great cover. They did a fantastic job w/ it. There are some other pretty good Bjork covers on the same comp. too.

    Julio Angel Ortiz said...

    That's a nice cover. Great band; I'm glad they're getting more press now so people don't have to look at me so weird when I talk about them. :)