Friday, November 17, 2006

Sykurmolarnir / Sugarcubes celebrate reunite blog mp3

The Sugarcubes were the biggest group ever to emerge from Iceland and tonight they reunite in Laugardalshöll in Reykjavík.

So right now it would have been apropriate and maybe even cool to post the 20 minute long talk I had with former groupmember Einar Örn - an interview I did at the Iceland Airwaves in october. But for some strange reason I've the password for my ftp-server. I'll post the mp3-interview in the weekend. It's unique and kind of chaotic!

Sugarcubes or Sykurmolarnir, as they are called in Iceland, had their debut in 1988 with Life's Too Good, which attracted terrific reviews and became a college radio hit, but the band never were able to recapture that sense of excitement. I'm kind of curious what the concert tonight will be like. Maybe it'll be like shit, but well... I'll have to read about it in the papers.
Múm will be doing warm up. What a great night it will be!

  • Sugarcubes - Birthday
  • The Sugarcubes with The Jesus & Mary Chain - Christmas Eve
  • Sugarcubes - Kottur (live - not that good a recording!)
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    Paul said...

    It wasn't shit :-)