Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stunning Coldplay cover.

A group of very old, apparently ill folks give the best version of Coldplay's "Fix you", I've heard! What an emphatic voice - it's like Kurt Wagner times two.


absonderpop said...

I really, really hate Coldplay, but this guy manages to give the song dignity. Almost the same thing Johnny Cash did, when he recorded U2's "One" (although Mary J. Blige's version of that one took all of it away again...)

Cheers, Netzhaut

A said...

Stunning! Nothing less. I almost shed a tear or two. Getting softer with age, I guess... :)

Allan / Loopland said...

Hi Guys,
this clip is from a documentary called 'Young @ Heart', a brilliant, funny and very moving film which follows the Young at Heart chorus as they prepare for a show. The clip is excellent but even more moving when you've seen the rest of the documentary as you're only getting half the story here!

find out more about the chorus here > http://www.youngatheartchorus.com/