Monday, November 06, 2006

Sara Grabow - danish act - live mp3 from Copenhagen

Last thursday while MTV Music Award were everywhere around me in Copenhagen some friends invited me to a miniconcert with Sara Grabow at Christianshavns Beboerhus. That place is sneaky and not the place you would expect to present soothing livemusic.
Today we present a little unique session from that evening. Recorded with a Edirol R-09, mixed with shaky hands by me using Adobe Audition and possible only because the artist herself thought it was cool. So this is legal pirate material.

Sara Grabow are promoting her debutalbum 'Blueberries' from where she played two sets alltogether that evening. She was supported - or they supported each other - by another blondish singer-songwriter, Amalie Riis, who also did a nice job.

Sara Grabow is a talented and powerful singer. Her style has the simplicity and feel for much more. Listen to these songs live and bare with the 'production'. It's raw and alive!

  • Sara Grabow - Stars
  • Sara Grabow - Travel the World
  • Sara Grabow - Ballroom
  • Sara Grabow - Blueberries

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