Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jaymay - Music to coffee, love and new year hangovers

Think a mug of steamy hot coffee, a few ray of the wintersun, the daily newspaper with only peace and harmony, add some sweet kisses, quiteness and no work. Think bad hangovers and then add some Jaymay aka 25-year old Jamie Kristine Seerman on the hi-fi. Even better. Stir very gently and calm down.

Jaymay makes me think of Emiliana Torrini. She started out playing local open-mic nights and made this Sea Green, See Blue EP earlier this year and made her voice recognized on a iTunes indie-list. Her songs are kind of lowkey and quirky with a good sense of humour. It's very easygoing and catchy.
Even though the production could have been more professional it has a certain feel to it, which makes me wanna relax and save it for days on my iPod. Add the belowlisted to your playlist or even better - buy her EP here.

  • Jaymay - Sea Green, See Blue
  • Jaymay - Gray or Blue
  • Jaymay - What happend

    jonas maaløe said...

    thanks a bunch for this. i downloaded the songs and are on the 6th consequent play-through at the moment. i simply love them.

    once again, thanks.

    Kristoffer said...

    Good that you like! Tak for at læse med...

    Matt Blalock said...

    Jaymay is beautiful. I have been playing it often on my radio show.