Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry christmas

Since christmas is here and I - as a Indie Laundry member - have been interviewed by danish national radio about music on the net, we have decided to do something we normally don´t do. We have decided to republish something from our archive. We like to see it as a christmas present and a reminder to our danish brothers and sisters* that this beautiful voice will be touring again this spring. So here are some live recordings from a concert Sara Grabow played this fall. Listen and go to a concert in spring 2007. It is still raw and alive!

  • Sara Grabow - Stars
  • Sara Grabow - Travel the World
  • Sara Grabow - Ballroom
  • Sara Grabow - Blueberries

  • *(not that we´re nationalist or anything alike - mind you, one of our members is from Iceland! Which means: we tolerate everybody) Merry christmas Arnár and everyone else

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