Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Go to the Henry Rollins Show now!

Well, since no one has postet it yet, I'll do. We are like the rest of the global music society for fine music fans of the very well preserved, still outspoken Henry Rollins and his ability to disconnect himself from everything mainstream.

I've loved Henry since Roskilde Festival 1994 - he was just so mad to look at - a bit silly, but agressive in the most arty and lovable way!

Well, the musclepoet and renaissance man has now been back on the Independent Film Channel for two seasons with The Henry Rollins Show, which might be wellknown to americans, but first came to my attention a few month ago. And it just rocks - at least the idea about it.
Unfortunately I havn't been able to watch it in full lenght yet and I really want to do that because Henry should be so sweet and fanboyish about his guests, which always seem to be very good. Guests include people like Oliver Stone, Ozzy, Chuck D, Werner Herzog, Chris Cornell, Thom Yorke and other very talented persons.

But browse around and you'll find that Henry has good taste in music. Just check out the performance by Ryan Adams (in a way cool vintage Batman t-shirt) on What Sin Replaces Love below. Razorsharp as hell! And while you're at it enter the shows very cool player with high videoquality. Have a look at Chris Cornell performing Black Hole Sun here.

And while you are around IFC also remember to bookmark the web series Getting Away With Murder, premiereres mothers day, sunday may 13th. Why? Watch the trailer and you'll be hooked like a killer to blood. It's about a professional hitman living at his mom's house.

  • Henry Rollins ringtone - pick up your fucking phone
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    AnetQ said...

    Oh, and he's live in Vega, CPH with a spoken word performance too!