Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hjaltalín gets #1 track in Iceland

Hjaltalín was founded in the fall of 2004 by four Icelandic friends. The bands' formation and music style changed over the following years with odd experiments with electronic music before settling into their indie-rock sound.

Hjaltalín recently topped the Icelandic X-id chart with "Goodbye July / Margt að Ugga", a very unique track sung in two very different styles, both in English and in Icelandic. The English part sounds like a modern indie track, very catchy and then the Icelandic part sounds like a traditional old lullaby.

"Goodbye July / Margt að Ugga" is available for download at Hjaltalín's MySpace profile, have a listen and leave your comments.

The band got pretty nice reviews at Iceland Airwaves 2006 and are set to release an album sometime late this summer. They just performed a track from the new album live on a local tv show "Kastljós" tonight so I'm including a link to that as well.


Tomek said...

Greetings from Czech republic! This blog is what I was searching for for a long time :) Do you think it would be possible for you to find or write down lyrics of Hjaltalín's or R§okkuró songs? I really love Hjaltalín's Mamma kveikir kertaljs but it is impossible to find the lyrics and my icelandic is really bad to write the lyrircs down onmy own. Takk og Gleðileg Jól

rafaelbrandao said...

I agree with the review! This is a lovely song. Thanks google for pointing me to this blog! :)