Thursday, May 03, 2007

Top 10 best danish artists right now

A lot of our readers has asked for our honest opinion on the best danish bands right now. Well, to be very honest this task is not very easy, because we don't really listen that much to it! Arnar in Reykjavík had the same problem with his fellow icelanders.
But I conveyed some info and this entry should give some insight to what is hot - to us at least. We'll avoid the obvious choices like Kashmir, Mew, Trentemøller

Veto - minimal synthrock, glamtronica, nice ideas and no compromises. Better than your average debutband.
Murder - 'Stockholm Syndrome' from 2006 is dark, lowkey, sad and some how extremely enchantning. Some call it neo-folk. We call it an huge effort.
The Late Parade - Just signed with Good Tape Records and now buddies with Murder, The Late Parade, is gaining respect without even having released anything. An EP is due autumn 2007.
Dúné - Skyhigh expectations to these seven youngsters from the outskirts of Skive, northern Jutland. The setup has a manic level of energy. Dúné releases their debutalbum on 29th of may.

Marybell Katastrophy is a sparkling collective playing avantegarde fusion between rock/pop/electro with lots of ambition, humour and energy. Marie Højlund (ex Tiger Tunes) is the nice lady in front.
Figurines is an old favorite of ours. They play catchy indiemusic. They are recording new material at the moment and has already had some succes in playing overseas. Efterklang is the kind of band that doesn't sell a lot of albums, but always gets rave review for their stuff. Also their newly released mini-EP, which is laptop mixed with chamber music. A winner! - Under Byen is in the same minimal genre. They just spill strings all over the place and are really loveable. I'm not too keen on all their stuff, but they do make beautiful music. If you like Sigur Rós or Múm, you'll love these. Rhonda Harris is singer, labelowner, producer and all in all nice guy Nikolaj Nørlund. Rhonda Harris has always been pure bliss. Stuff to download here. Last up is The Kissaway Trail, they play upfront indie, well they do, and I like some of it.

Hope this small list gives some insight to the danish scene.


Thomas said...

I would like to add the band "Lis er stille" here, i am really looking forward to their live show. If you like Sigur Ros you should check them out.

Yuan said...

Just saw The Late Parade as supporting band for Of Montreal and, to tell the truth, wasn't really impressed. Or maybe I'm just too old for those sad love songs.

It would be nice if some local experts can write about where you can find cafe/bar/pub that plays good indie music. Would some blogger here do me the favor?

Kristoffer said...

I agree Yuan... I'm wasn't to impressed either. It was alright, but nothing new.