Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dear diary, for days i've been peaking

Dear diary,

Today is the day where I've been reading Ryan Adams' blog, for God know how many days! I simply love his art even more (not his paintings though) now that I've been following his ados on his blog. First off this blog was written by himself, then his computer Foggy, then Ryan with another haircolor etc...

Well, unfortunately his blogging from the past weeks has been taken down. It was way funny. Small low-fi-cam videos with Ryan guiding you through his NYC-apartement, but also quite a lot of namedropping. Then the blog died, but now it's back in a more heavy metal-like themestyle. Still interesting, still Ryan... He write about pentagrams, how heavy he is and that he snorred a lot of coke (surprised... naaa...) and how he love Danzig. You will learn more about his heavy metal fetish. (He just luve Slayer). He also writes that he mental holiday in Paris ended up with him reconsidering his thoughts about his new album. Well, is this man never gonna release something? His blogging shows a troubled person, so I guess we should wait a little. While you are waiting, follow the process on his site and enjoy. This dude is lightyears from the rest of his fellow so-important musician-types, in fact so much that he now is my guru.

Danzig absolutely rocks. I listent quite a lot to this band in high school, so check out the video Mother below... Amaaaaazing mistfits! But more important, be a follower... read Ryan.

BTW. He writes this about Celtic Frost: This was the OK Computer of serious metal. Some would say ‘Operation Mindcrime” by Queensryche was, but seriously, it is teetering on Styx that record.

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