Sunday, April 13, 2008

Death Cab wheeling in at Roskilde? Surely!

Death Cab for Cutie is just about ready to release their sixth proper album, called 'Narrow Stairs'. A glance at their tour plan makes a promising sight for people hoping for a repeat of their brillant performance at Roskilde '06. This year Roskilde Festival takes place from July 3rd - 6th and the indie rockers from Seattle play in Norway on the 3rd and Sweden on the 5th. Do the math...

'I will possess you heart' is the single of the upcoming album and it shows a band ready to explore new ground. It's a bit more moody than their last couple of albums but most noticeble it take off with a 4+ minute instrumental intro. This is always a sign of a band with confidence but not always a good idea. Judge for yourself:

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