Friday, April 18, 2008

No question about Why?!

I am falling in love with Why? It's a weird indie-meets-rap band at from the normally hip-hop-based label Anticon . The deeply original band has a lot of hip-hop feel to it, but without the braindead lyrics and clichés of that genre. And still it's rock. Really really cool. Rumors say they are great live - check them out at Loppen, Christiania, Copenhagen 14th of may. Their new album Alopecia is maybe even better than Elephant Eyelash. Stream the album-opener The Vowels pt.2 here or download


Brad said...

the link doesn't work.... :(

Rasmus said...

Sorry. I've tried another tune. Hope ypou enjoy!!

Martin said...

Brilliant band! And with Mimas supporting them at Loppen, it's sure to be a great evening