Friday, April 04, 2008

The Teenagers and human pacmen

Sorry for our stupid lazyness according to our lack of updates here on Indie Laundry. This is The Teenagers and they might not be the usual recommendation, but your musical sommerlier is so busy these days. But this song Homecoming is kind of fun and some fans even wants to get killed by them. Their awesomeness is so cool that the proportions of this band exceeds epic grandness. If you are in doubt, check this blog to witness the tens of thousands of words connected to this li'l band. It's nice and below you can comfort yourself in these spring times with some japanese gameshow, which I personally believe is better than the real thing. Have a nice weekend - hope it won't really eat you. Indie Laundry will be back.

  • The Teenagers - Homecoming

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    mary said...

    i really love those guys, their lyrics are absolutely hilarious, and don't get me started on the videos. here's to secretly hoping they will rule the world one day!