Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Scottish Enlightenment. St. Thomas

Wrote about The Scottish Enlightenment in May 2010 when they released their Pascal EP. Because I liked it. And because it grows on you (which actually means that I didn't like it in the beginning). As a friend said to me: "Thank you for buying me The Scottish Enlightenment. I'm slowly realising how brilliant they are".

In september 2010 they released Little Sleep EP. We totally ignored Little Sleep EP here on Indie Laundry. God knows why (well, he doesn't, but some might).

Now The Scottish Enlightenment have stepped up a notch and released the full lenght album St. Thomas. I haven't got the time to do an in-depth review today, which it actually deserves. Because it is one of the absolute best records of 2010 despite all its flaws and faults - or precisely because of these, as it hopefully makes The Scottish Enlightenment wanna do even more and better songs and records. I cannot give them anything but all my endorsements because I am continually realising how good they really are.

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