Sunday, March 25, 2007

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Wilco at Roskilde 2007

This piece of info you won't get anywhere else! - which only proves how right you are in stopping by Indie Laundry every once in a while. In my eternal search for pleasing our readers - and for some other reasons as well :-) - I am currently staying in the great city of Toronto, Canada. This place is blessed with a range of top quality venues and yesterday I went to one of them to check out Autumn Defence (the side project of John Stirrat and Pat Sansone of Wilco). I actually didn't know any of their stuff but their history with Wilco was more than enough to wake my couriousness.

The harmony-filled catchy pop tunes of Autumn Defence (mostly stemming from their new self-titled album) turned out to be a very enjoyable exerience. One question in my mind was begging to asked, though. Will Wilco play at Roskilde Festival this year? This rumour has been around for some time - well, mostly because I started it myself... Fortunately, I got to talk to bassist John Stirrat after the show and he confirmed that Roskilde was on Wilco's summer tour schedule. And I went home with the biggest smile in Canada.

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Kristian said...

wauw! That's so great! Can't wait!