Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New mp3 from Efterklang

This time I just want our readers to enjoy a free brandnew single - Towards The Bare Hill - from danish band Efterklang. It's a give away mp3 before they release their mini-album Under Giant Trees on april 2.
For those of you who aren't really familiar with this band, it simply should be noted that it's really, really good! Their debutalbum 'Tripper' was released in 2004 and gained rave reviews. They are making laptop poesi and names like Björk, Múm, Under Byen and Sigur Rós immediately pops up, while you are listening.
They run their own label Rumraket, where they amongst others distribute the lovely stringgirls fromamiina, with whom they btw collaborated on their debut. Tjeck them out - I'm all in for these guys.

  • Towards the Bare Hill
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    darren said...

    the new amiina album went on sale yesterday :)