Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mew in Toronto

"I don't drink coffee, I take beer, my dear"...this is one proud Danish alien in Toronto reporting. As I mentioned in my post on Sunday, Toronto is blessed with several top notch music venues - and the top of the pile might just be The Mod Club because of its awesome sound quality. Yesternight, my fellow countrymen from Mew took this stage with their ambitious, multilayered songs, aimed high and hit bull's eye. BIG time!
They took advantage of the excellent sound conditions and lifted their unique, bombastic style - often bracketed with prog rock - to new heights. When a powerful version of "Snow Brigade" went directly into the awkward, yet irresistable "The Zookeeper's Boy" even guitarist Bo Madsen's moustache made sense. A stunning performance! And I haven't even mentioned the effectful visual dimension to the show - and the supreme ending "Comforting Sounds". As one who very rarely has many positive things to say of Danish music I strongly recommend you to check out this one, should they show up at a venue near you.

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