Saturday, November 24, 2007

La Blogotheque, Vincent Moon and Take Away Videos

Sitting here early saturday morning trying to do some reading for my exams. But for some reason my mind is drifting around fantasies about The Nationals concert next friday in the southern part of Copenhagen, which is going to take place in an old cinema. I don´t reckon it´s going to be a roundtable thing like this (even though, that would be nice), but i´m deferential for whatever this amazing band will serve me.
But while waiting I should (and not at least: you should!) have a look at La Blogotheques Take Away-shows. Here you will find some acoustic live videos directed by blogger, director and much more Vincent Moon, who also directed some of The Nationals videos. The videos are lo-fi, shot in daily locations, but often with a original twist (and with the recognizable Vincent Moon aesthetics).

#12.3 The Kooks - Ooh la
Sendt af lablogotheque

#73.4 - A HAWK AND A HACKSAW - Fernando's Giampori
Sendt af lablogotheque

#40.4 - THE NATIONAL -Ada
Sendt af lablogotheque

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