Friday, November 16, 2007

The new Mugison is not as sad as a truck

Mugison (Örn Elías Guðmundsson) has just grown on me the last two years. From not really caring about this crazy bizar icelander, I'm all hooked on his beautiful mess.
Just yesterday I received his newest release 'Mugiboogie' and it's absolutely just as wonderfull of the same folksy electronica, acoustic guitar and impassioned vocals I've come to like on his debut Lonely Mountain and Mugimama, Is This Monkey Music?
I can strongly recommend this album. It's like strong acid! Check it out for yourself below from icelandic tv (RUV). Song is the grungy and loveable 'To the bone'. Guitarplayer is Pétur Ben.

Buy the album here and have it shipped without any costs. You can also buy it on mp3 for less.

  • Mugison - 2 birds

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