Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sorry for no updates - here is Kylie!

When we're done excusing for being busy and neglecting our dear IndieLaundry, we welcome ourselves and you back with Kylie! Just to get the bloodstream flowing again.
The evergorgeous Kylie Minogue will release album 'X' very soon and besides being hot she actually has a certain nice something on her comeback single '2 Hearts'. At least this mix.
The single is worked together with swedish electronic duo Studio and has an understatet popappeal. Kylies voice sits rather uncomfortably in the mix here, secondary to Studio’s guitar flourishes and glitter effects. As they gradually move even further away from the song they were tasked to re-interpret, the track becomes thicker and more interesting. Try it out. And we will be back with indie-stuff very soon! Sorry!

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