Monday, November 19, 2007

Menomena - it's new to us! Mp3

Here at the Indie Laundry office we often fail in trying to be all upfront with the newest music. Once again I must admit that I first today met Menomena, and they have been absolutely worth the wait. Especially the album Friend and Foe, newly released on the mighty Barsuk Records.
Should I mention some bands alike, stuff like Flaming Lips, Clap Your Hands, Arcade Fire and Wolfparade would pop up.
Menomena are a trio from Portland, Oregon and plays experimental rock. They create most of their songs using a homemade computer program that loops their instrumental riffs and the bass and drums play off one another intricately, blending punk- and funk-inspired beats with more straightforward rock emphases.

But they do have melody lines as well. More than most indiebands. A lot of stuff is going on on the album, but if you check out the mp3 below you will be delighted. It might be conventional, but it's memorable and varied. The textures beneath the vocals are constantly shifting. And listen to the piano passage over two completely different rhythm tracks. It's... well... awsome.

  • Menomena - Wet and Rusting

    Martin said...

    Menomena er et dejligt, dejligt band.
    En fantastisk nyhed at de når til Danmark i starten af 2008. Rygterne vil vide, at de lige så fantastiske Mimas skal varme op på Voxhall

    Anonymous said...

    Rammer Kbh. d. 5. marts...