Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sigur Ros Day

It is time to be breathtaken again. Tomorrow is Sigur Ros Day if anything as the Icelandic quartet returns with the gorgeous documentary dvd 'Heima' and the double cd 'Hvarf/Heim'. Both releases has a retrospective theme.

'Heima' is a homage to their homeland Iceland's nature and culture from which the group has drawn inspiration to craft their unique blend of atmospheric soundscapes and thunderous noise. Similarly 'Hvarf/Heim' is a combination of new editions of some of their very earliest and largely unknown songs (Disc 1) and acostic versions of songs from their four main albums (Disc 2). Right now, you can stream the entire double album at SigurRosSpace. That, I can only recommend!

Also, do not miss this hilarious interview where the four guys absolutely torment an interviewer on NPR. I guess, they basically just want to let the music do the talking...

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Anna said...

I love Sigur Ros's new album!:)