Saturday, January 13, 2007

2007 - what's in the musicbox top 10

Point your finger to the future and peer into the crystal ball and uncover what the musicscene will be like in 2007 - or something. Metacritic has compiled that long releaselist with bands. Quite some interessting ones there. But also much bands as Arcade Fire, Of Montreal, The Shins, etc. etc. These bands always gain lots of bloghype, so we don't wanna add to much there.
BBC has done the crystal ball thingy and put their money on ten new bands to watch in 2007. Some of these already has a blogosphere folilowing and others will.
I don't wanna comment on these bands, but just add that in my taste some of them are simply nice and some are not. But it's certain that quite a lot of these bands will enter the mainstream charts for some reasons or other. Be your own judge, it's not all indie! The chart:

10: The Rumble Strips(mp3)
9: Ghosts (mp3 via Headphonesex)
8: Just Jack (mp3)
7: Cold war kids (mp3)
6: Air Traffic (mp3)
5: Alex Sheppard (mp3)
4: The Wombats (mp3)
3: Klaxons (mp3)
2: The View (mp3)
1: Mika (mp3)

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