Thursday, January 18, 2007

Richard Hawley - ex. Pulp - great croon for rain

Once again my workmate dropped a nice cd on my table. This time Richard Hawley - a guy which I've heard of but never encountered for real. Now I have met him and he is a nice guy!
Hawley first named a name for himself as a ace guitarist in The Longpigs, along with session and live work with Pulp, Beth Orton, All Saints and Robbie Williams.
His soloalbum Cole's Corner from 2005 is a true gem. It's a collection of broken love songs and you can almost feel the rainy streets and dim streetlamps when his guitar rings from the past. It storytelling music.
The record is lonely and magical, romantic and sad. The music is rockabilly, country, traces of the vintage-'40s pop, jazz, and even some blues blend together.
His string-laden arrangements is prime Lee Hazlewood and the voice is croony as ever. Very intimate and warm. Makes it the first choice on a rainy day.
Besides being a hopeless romantic he has on several occation insisted that his mind is full only with “confused thoughts and Guinness". That makes a fine blend, I'd say. Buy it here.

  • Richard Hawley - Coles Corner
  • Jarvis Cocker & Richard Hawley - a cheat (Lee Hazlewood cover)
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