Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Songs for the young at heart - compilation

A very nice sideproject by Dave Boulter and Stuart Staples of the Tindersticks entered my ears today. I guess way too early, but from my chair I can report that it's a must buy when it's finally released 23rd of feb.
The project called "Songs for the young at heart" is quite fascinating, I guess more for englishmen than for danes, but also for me. Recently I've been exploring music for enfants and this release is ace and a pleaser for, well, for the young at heart.
Inspired by memories from their childhood of music from the radio, school room and television, “Songs for the Young at Heart” features the sunny, simple, dark and sad songs from the halcyon days of school holidays and endless summer afternoons.
Hand picking a selection of guest vocalists and story tellers, the album includes the likes of Cery’s Matthews singing a sublime version of “White Horses”, Bonnie Prince Billy’s melancholic version of “Puff the Magic Dragon” and Jarvis Cocker reciting the tale of “Albert & The Lion”. Buy it

  • Puff the magic dragon - feat. Bonnie Prince Billy & Red
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