Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Canadian partygirls Toronto - go Motor!

Good indiebrother Mogens will be landing in a couple of hours in Toronto, Canada. It's his new home for some month, so I've done my best to wrap a little dirty menage a trois for him as a welcome, or go-away present as it is.
The two invited for this rendezvous are of course two bad-ass girls from his new hometown Toronto and since they won't (I expect not) be in the airport, I better pack them together here. Both are unique musicians have both done albums with Broken Social Scene, so you better meet them.

Girl #1 up is Emily Haines, 32 years old, soloartists with The Soft Skelton and leadsinger in dance-pop group Metric. She is also a part time member of Broken Social Scene.
You better check out her solo-stuff with The Soft Skeleton because it's quite amazing. Emily Haines has Scott Minor from Sparklehorse, Broken Social Scene’s Justin Peroff, Stars' Evan Cranley and Metric's Jimmy Shaw in The Soft Skeleton.
And dude, you're more lucky, 'cause Emily Haines plays a full webcastet concert at NPR All Songs Considered tomorrow at 9:30 pm, Washington time.

Girl #2 is Leslie Feist, 31 years old, and is quite a unique, clever and beautiful girl as well!
She has played punkmusic, toured with some of the biggest canadian acts, like By Divine Right and opened for the Tragically Hip.
She released her debutalbum in 1999 and joined a couple of other bands before she helped Broken Social Scene in the recording of their sophomore effort, You Forgot It in People, 2002. Both The Postal Service, Bright Eyes and BSS has covered her stuff.
And dude, you're lucky, 'cause Leslie Feist is up with new stuff very soon, says reports from your new source for useful musicinformation, Toronto's Eye Weekly. Leslie Feist is a pretty amazing girl as well. More Feist galore at Rbally.

Both ladies needs much more attention than this entry leaves room for. So do them good, let them grow on you and remember their faces - you might meet them at the local bar. Enjoy:

  • Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Doctor Blind
  • Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Winning
  • Leslie Feist - Sally's Song (live @ Park West, Chicago)
  • Leslie Feist - Secret Heart
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