Friday, January 12, 2007

Ratatat at Loppen - mp3

Once again at Christiania, København, impress me as a venue. Somehow they are able to get small, really cool acts to play here.
The 21st of february they mastered to hire Ratatat, which is Evan Mast and Mike Stroud from New York mixing rock and electronica with huge crativity. Their second helping Classic is a small piece of art in my opinion connecting fun, outgoing synth with something more introvert and melancholic, like it's insisting on being a serious piece of work in which you have to listen very carefully.
It's fresh and nostalgic at the same time and even though it's layered with instruments, riffs and acoustic guitars, it's not complicated.
I'm curious on what this might sound like live. So I'm going!

  • Ratatat - Seventeen years (Ratatat-album)
  • Ratatat - Wildcat (Classics-album)
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