Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Arcade Fire live on NPR

While we here at Indie Laundry are kind of pissed that the Arcade Fire concert in march now is to be held in K.B. Hallen instead of the more intimate Vega - of course only due to pure greed - we are delighted to mention that our favorite radio NPR is doing a webcast with Arcade Fire on saturday feb. 17.
Of course we are aware of the fact that K.B. Hallen will hold a lot more Arcade Fire fans, but the sound is just so poor. Well, we'll see... last time I was there was in 2000 for a Radiohead-concert. And that was pretty amazing. But their set wasn't really as layered and orchestrated as that of Arcade Fire.

  • The Arcade Fire - Naive Melody (Talking Heads cover)
  • The Arcade Fire - The Guns of Brixton (Clash cover)(live)

    Anonymous said...

    It's interesting that you've posted "Naive Melody". I was at the Arcade Fire show on 2.15.07 at the Judson Memorial Church and spent the whole set standing about ten feet from David Byrne.
    Even got a chance to chat him up:

    Anonymous said...

    hello indie laundry!

    thanks for such an awesome blog, i like reading about a lot of the bands i listen to and finding new ones that you write about. you are so right about camera obscura too! i always forget how much i like them until they put out a new album. Anyway, i am dying to hear this arcade fire clash cover...do you think that you could repost it or email it to me?