Sunday, February 04, 2007

Danish electronic music Band Ane Alice Rose - pros and cons

Something is happening with girls and laptopmusic in Denmark. I'm on the verge of calling it a movement and label it girltronica, but that wouldn't be serious, just plain silly, right? On the opposite girls just twist their laptops differently. Earlier on we have mentioned Band Ane and now we'll top it with Alice Rose, who recently promoted herself at Eurosonic Festival along with 140 other up and coming acts from Europe.
I kind of heart the girltronica way of adressing musicmaking. Putting small fraction of samples in order, playing with beats and genres, weird toys and tiny voices. The method is playful, lo-fi and experimental. But also fragile.
From time to time this fragile thingy annoyes me, because it - on purpose that is - underacts the songstructures own limits and therefore have a tendency to end up broken and way to childish. On a bad sunday these tracks sounds like someone have robbed the musicians dollhouse and left the owner crying for warm milk and a little bleepy musical box song. This is the downside of this 'movement' and nothing devastating, but just a tendency I've been noticing while listening to this music from danish and other girltronic musicians. Judge for yourself.
Both girls are set to play at this years Roskilde Festival.

  • Alice Rose - Daddy Come
  • Alice Rose - A tale of Sailing
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    Anonymous said...

    Your point about the down side of this "movement" is a good one. Some Danish electronic solo-woman opened up for Nouvelle Vague here in Göteborg last week, and it was a bit too airy and bleepy. Lilith Fair meets sound effects in a sci-film.